What Can You Expect of Direct Mail ROI?

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When you’re planning your next marketing campaign, having an approximate return on investment (ROI) to aim for can be a good guiding path to determine if your campaign is successful.

Direct mail marketing campaigns are known for high ROIs. Aspen Automotive is here to cover what you can expect from direct mail campaigns regarding your return on investments. We’ve also included a formula, so you can determine your next direct mail campaign’s ROI!

What Is the Average Direct Mail ROI?

Direct mail has quite a high ROI, averaging out at about 29%.1 This is almost equal to social media’s return on investment while having the unique advantage of being distraction-free.

Direct mail also is more likely to remain in a lead’s home for multiple days on end vs. an email or ad on social media. Your customer can return to your direct mail piece again and again, allowing for a greater chance of a conversion.

How Do You Determine Your Direct Mail Campaign’s ROI?

Determine Your Direct Mail Campaign’s ROIThe formula to determine your direct mail campaign’s return on investment is relatively simple. Use the formula below:

ROI = Net Profit/Total Investment x 100

This formula takes your net profit and divides it by your total investment. This will give you a decimal that you multiply by 100 to get your ROI percentage.

Direct Mail Response Rates

ROI and response rates are two measures of direct mail campaigns. Direct mail also has a high response rate, averaging 9 percent for house lists and around 4.9 percent for prospect lists.1

Oversized envelopes tend to have the highest response rates for direct mail.1 Large envelope stands out from other mail that a lead might receive, grabbing attention right away on account of the size and shape.

How to Increase and Monitor Your Direct Mail ROI and Response Rates

Increase and Monitor Your Direct Mail ROI Want to measure your direct mail campaign’s ROI and response rates? Aspen Automotive has a few tools to help you measure that and create targeted direct mail campaigns.

Thanks to modern technology and the help of Aspen Automotive, you can integrate ways to measure your lead’s responses to your direct mail campaign. Personalized URLs (PURLs) and QR Codes allow your leads to head to your website directly from our direct mail piece and let you know they’ve visited your site.

Personalized direct mail also increases the chance of a conversion. Aspen Automotive has databases that include demographic, automotive, and credit score data to help you target a campaign more specifically. Just a few of our databases include:

  • Aspen SureDrive Data
  • Real-Time Credit Score Data
  • Lease/Loan Enders
  • Autoproval

Better data leads to more accurate ROIs and response rates, ensuring you can make your next marketing campaign even more efficient.

Learn More About How You Can Increase Your Direct Mail’s ROI With Aspen Automotive

If you want to learn how to increase your direct mail campaign’s return on investment, speak to the team at Aspen Automotive. Our team will help you create your next direct mail marketing campaign and has the resources to target leads that are more likely to become customers.

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