How Physical Direct Mail and Online Advertising Work Together

Physical Direct Mail

If you’re considering your dealership’s next advertising strategy, you’ve likely looked into direct mail and online advertising. There are benefits to both marketing strategies; however, you can use either method to create an effective marketing plan.

Epsilon Individual Automotive discusses how direct mail and online advertising can work together to craft a well-rounded marketing campaign below.

Direct Mail and Online Advertising Generate More Leads Together

Direct Mail CampaignDirect mail and online advertising have the same goal: to help your dealership get more business. To get more business, your marketing campaign needs to generate leads.

Direct mail materials, like postcards or flyers, can reach customers physically, while online advertising, like on Facebook or Google, can reach customers while they’re online. Your customers are reminded of your automotive business on and off the web, making them more aware of what you’re offering.

A coordinated message across marketing platforms can also help create distinct branding for your business. This may include the colors, images, or phrases that you use in advertising. Customers will recognize your ads when they see them, creating a relationship.

Direct Mail Can Help Begin the Online Marketing Funnel

Direct mail can kick-start the online marketing funnel. When you craft a direct mail piece, you can include interactive sections that direct a potential lead to your website, allowing them to explore.

Personalized direct mail is an excellent way to create interactive direct mail. Personalized URLs and QR Codes can lead to microsites devoted to that specific person’s needs and even include their name. This information can be collected from one of Epsilon Individual Automotive’s databases to help you target particular demographics or locations.

Once your lead has visited your website, you can collect additional information to help determine your ROI. You can also follow up with your customer via email if they have not committed to a purchase or visit. Data also allows you to create targeted display ads for your customers as they surf the web, keeping your dealership in their minds.

Analytics From Direct Mail and Online Advertising Can Help You Refine Your Next Marketing Campaign

Direct Mail DesignThe analytics you receive from your direct mail and online advertising campaigns can influence how you craft your next campaign.

Direct mail with digital components can help you measure who has visited your website via the QR Code or PURL. You’ll know how successfully your direct mail piece worked and which parts appealed to your customers once they’ve visited your website.

You can measure the success of the online advertising portion of your campaign in a few ways, including:

  • Clicks
  • View-throughs
  • Digital lift

Each of these tells you how successful your campaign was. Clicks measure how often your ad was clicked on. View-throughs inform how many people saw your ad and visited your site later. Digital lift, after 90 days, can tell you the likelihood that someone will visit your site after they’ve viewed your ad.

Combine all this with direct mail, and you’ll raise awareness and the ROI of your marketing campaign.

Learn More About How Direct Mail and Online Advertising Can Work for Your Automotive Business Today

If you’re interested in learning more about how direct mail and online advertising can work for your dealership, contact Epsilon Individual Automotive. Our team will work with you to create the right marketing strategy for your automotive business.