2023 Direct Mail Trends

Like clothing, technology, and even home décor, direct mail has trends that change yearly. The direct mail marketing experts at Aspen Automotive try to stay on top of all the trends that can help our clients succeed in their next direct mail marketing campaign.

Want to know what’s trending for 2023? Read on below.


PersonalizationsDirect mail is continuing the trend of personalization into 2023. Personalization gives marketers an opportunity to connect more with potential leads. Direct mail campaigns allow you to add specific names, images, and more to appeal to a particular customer or household.

This connection can establish a sense of trust and familiarity with your customers. That relationship makes them more likely to buy.


Data Targeted Campaigns

Data is key to so much of what marketers do today. With the right data, you can reach the right customers and personalize your direct mail campaigns.

The right data can help you target specific households based on income, zip code, and even the type of vehicle they’ve purchased or leased. Your next direct mail campaign can focus on those who are most likely to buy or lease the cars you’re hoping to sell.

Trigger Mail Programs

2023 Direct Mail Trends  The right timing can help your direct mail program succeed. In 2023, we are predicting more trigger mail programs to make their way to mailboxes across the country.

Trigger mail allows you to send mail to customers who may have recently interacted with your business in some way. This may include a visit to your website or a recent visit to a dealership.

Trigger mail can also activate at an important date to the customer, like their birthday, the end of a warranty or lease, and more. This can be combined with personalization to really show how much your business cares for its customers.

Digital Integration

Over the last few years, direct mail has been able to integrate digital components for its recipients. We are predicting a rise in digital integration usage in 2023. These digital integrations allow customers to use a computer, smartphone, or tablet to head directly to your website, view a personalized website, and more.

This is most often done through personalized URLs (PURLs) or QR codes added to the direct mail piece. Your customer can begin their journey on the direct mail piece and continue it online with ease.

Multichannel Marketing

Reaching People OnlineMultichannel marketing may have an uptick in use in 2023. While you can send a direct mail piece to a customer’s home, you can also make an effort to reach them online via display ads and email.

This approach gives your customers a consistent experience across channels. Your brand becomes more recognizable. Customers will also have more opportunities to consider reaching out or purchasing from your brand.


Work With the Aspen Automotive Team on Your 2023 Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

If you’re interested in incorporating these 2023 trends into your next direct mail marketing campaign, reach out to the experts at Aspen Automotive. We will help you create a successful direct mail campaign. Contact us to get started today.