How Can I Use Direct Mail to Promote Car Specials?

Physical Direct Mail

Direct mail is a versatile marketing tool that can help car dealerships sell vehicles, introduce themselves to potential customers, and even promote vehicle specials.

Aspen Automotive is a team of direct mail automotive marketing experts that can help you create a direct mail campaign that promotes your current car specials. Learn a bit about the ways that direct mail can advertise vehicle specials, and then reach out to us to kick off your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Every Door Direct Mail® Can Let Locals Know About Your Vehicle Specials

Direct MailWhen you want to let your customers or the folks in your area know about your current vehicle specials, consider an Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) campaign. For this campaign, you can select zip codes or neighborhoods that you’d like to target, and every household in that area will receive information on your vehicle specials.

This saturation lets everyone know about your car specials. The more people who know about them means that more people have an opportunity to act on those specials. This can also be a great way to reacquaint shoppers with your dealership.

Data-Driven Direct Mail Can Reach Customers Who May Benefit from Your Vehicle Specials

If you want a more targeted approach for your car sales promotion, use data to guide your direct mail marketing decisions. Aspen Automotive has several data solutions that can help direct a special campaign to help it reach the right audience.

The right audience for your current vehicle specials may be those who have a specific household income, credit score, or family size. For example, specials on large SUVs are more likely to be successful when marketed to those with a family who may need the space when running errands or going on vacation.

Direct Mail Can Highlight Specific Vehicle Specials to Help Improve Sales of Certain Models

Direct Mail to Promote Car SpecialsIs your dealership hoping to move specific models? A special and direct mail marketing campaign can help with that. Data can help you reach customers who are more likely to be interested in those vehicles and who are ready to shop for their next ride.

Aspen Automotive’s Aspen SureDrive Data and Lease/Loan Enders databases can inform you of what kind of vehicle someone drives and whether they are approaching the end of their loan or lease. You can market your vehicle specials for a similar make/model similar to the one your potential customer is driving!

You can narrow your direct mail marketing list even further by targeting customers with credit scores to purchase or lease a vehicle from your dealership with ease. Potential customers who receive a special that’s focused on their vehicle preferences may also feel more inclined to shop at your dealership since you’re already catering to their needs!

Start Planning Your Next Automotive Specials Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail can help your dealership promote car specials, whether you’re using a targeted approach or letting an entire neighborhood know. Are you interested in learning more about how a direct mail campaign can aid your dealership? Reach out to the experts at Aspen Automotive today.