How to Leverage Outbound Phone Calls for Your Business


As you continue to expand your dealership’s customer network and bring more business through the doors, you may consider a number of marketing strategies, including outbound phone calls. If you’re wondering how to leverage outbound phone calls for your business, our team is here to help.

At Epsilon Individual Automotive, we’re experts in many areas of automotive marketing. We’re excited to help your dealership marketing succeed with our outbound strategies, which you can learn more about below.

About Outbound Phone Calls

Outbound phone calls are made by you, the business, to your potential buyer. Some outbound calls can be made by a call center on behalf of your business, while others can be used to communicate with current customers.

Compared to inbound calls, which consist of the buyer contacting you, outbound calls give you a chance to improve customer engagement and support them through the buying journey.

Using Outbound Phone Calls to Your Advantage

When used correctly, outbound phone calls can significantly improve customer engagement and raise your brand awareness. However, it’s important to note that some people may find these calls intrusive, so you need to strategize carefully.

Here are some ways you can leverage your outbound phone calls to support your business:

Set a Script

Women calling customerBefore making outbound phone calls, you should have a script prepared. The more you have prepared, the faster the phone call can progress, which saves your customers time and provides detailed information.

Your script will act as an outline for the phone call, but it should be flexible and leave room for personalization. Adding a personal greeting or targeting vehicle preferences can make your customers more likely to engage with your dealership.

Utilize Automotive Data

To create the most successful outbound strategy for your dealership, you’ll want to utilize automotive data and target your phone calls to those most likely to need your services. When you work with Epsilon Individual Automotive, you’ll have access to advanced automotive marketing data solutions designed to improve engagement.

For example, our Real Time Credit Score data pulls information from major credit unions to help you better target vehicle financing based on individual needs. Our SureDrive Data also provides information on your customer’s vehicles and shopping habits, making it easier to personalize calls.

Follow-Up and Update

Follow up phone callThough making a sale is always a goal with outbound phone calls, it’s equally important to follow up with potential and current customers. Whether you’ve enacted a new special or have more information to share with your audience, follow-up phone calls can keep your dealership at the top of your customers’ minds.

Brand awareness is a crucial part of automotive marketing, and maintaining your values and name through outbound phone calls will help people remember you.

Contact Epsilon Individual Automotive to Strategize Your Outbound Phone Calls

Epsilon Individual Automotive can help you leverage your outbound phone calls in order to improve customer engagement and bring more business to your dealership. If you’re looking to start an outbound campaign, contact our professionals today to learn more!