What are the 5 Types of Traditional Marketing?

Marketing is an ever-evolving field. However, just because new marketing pathways are available doesn’t mean it’s time to retire the old ones. Traditional marketing methods, like print marketing, outdoor advertising, direct mail, broadcast, and phone calls, are still effective ways to reach consumers.

Epsilon Individual Automotive marketing experts dig into each marketing method below, so you can learn all about what each method can do!

Print Marketing

Customization & DesignPrint marketing involves printed ads. This can take a few different forms, including:

  • Posted Flyers
  • Magazine or Newspaper Ads
  • Handed-out Brochures

Flyers and brochures can be colorful and eye-catching to grab customers’ attention as they go about their day. This could be on the exterior of your business or nearby to help customers take notice.

Magazine and newspaper ads help your business build awareness in its community while advertising the location and available products. Many who use this method target specific publications that their ideal customer are likely to read.

Outdoor Advertising

Billboards are an iconic part of the American highway. As you drive, you likely see billboards for various businesses, which tell you where to find them and what they offer. This is a common option for many businesses near highways, where drivers can stop to rest.

Billboard advertisements allow large eye-catching graphics and short text to convey a message quickly. This is an excellent way for a brand to raise awareness and target many people at once since everyone driving on that road will see it.


Since the invention of radio, broadcast advertising has been possible. Your business can gain local or national attention depending on the radio or TV stations you advertise on. This raises brand awareness and is an easy way to highlight current and upcoming promotions.

Product placement is also an option with broadcast advertising. You can discuss including your product, such as a vehicle, or even your business’s location in a television or radio show to raise awareness of your business and link it to a popular show that people are already fond of.


Phone marketingPhone Marketing is also often considered telemarketing. This marketing approach involves companies selling their products over the phone. This is used for both business-to-business marketing and business-to-consumer marketing.

Often it utilizes a cold calling strategy, which is when someone calls without prior appointments to expectations. The caller can then explain the product they’re selling and its benefits to the person who answers the phone. This allows the company to establish a personal connection and trust while potentially even getting a sale on the phone.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is an effective marketing tactic that uses mail to reach potential customers. Personalized messages, flyers, and postcards are common direct mail tools. These options can be designed to stand out against traditional envelopes so your customers are more likely to see them.

Direct mail also allows you to be hyper-specific when advertising. Modern data solutions allow you to reach consumers based on their demographics, including credit score, marital status, and occupation.

Learn More About Direct Mail Marketing Today

Direct mail is a traditional marketing technique that has stood the test of time and mixes well with many modern-day marketing techniques. If you’re interested in learning more about how a direct mail marketing campaign can help your automotive business thrive, talk to the experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive.