How You Should Use a Targeted Mailing List

Direct mail is a unique marketing method that easily reaches many consumers while allowing businesses to create targeted lists that address specific demographics of their customer base.

Epsilon Individual Automotive has a plethora of targeted mailing experts on staff. We have compiled this page highlighting how businesses can use a targeted mailing list. Read on and contact our automotive marketing experts when you’re ready to begin your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Targeted Direct Mailing Lists Allow You to Be Very Specific with Your Marketing Campaign

opening mailTargeted mailing lists require a particular campaign focus and goals. It’s essential to know what specific aspect of your business you’re promoting and who may benefit from that marketing campaign. For example, if your dealership sells SUVs, what aspects of those SUVs can you choose to highlight and promote?

The ultimate goal of your marketing campaign can help answer these questions. What exactly do you hope to accomplish with this direct mail campaign? Are you hoping to increase vehicle sales, or are you trying to increase traffic to your website? The answers here will help you be more specific about your audience.

Targeted Mailing Lists Should Focus on a Specific Subset of Customers

Targeted mailing lists allow you to focus on a specific group of customers. These could be long-time loyal customers who need a reminder of what your dealership offers or potential new customers who need the extra push to begin the shopping journey.

Data solutions can help you narrow your customers to those you specifically want to target with your targeted direct mail list. You can target customers by demographic information, like:

  • Neighborhood
  • Occupation
  • Family Size
  • Household income

Our databases also offer information on your customers’ vehicles and how close they are to the end of their loan or lease. You can even use more than one set of demographics. For example, you can select customers who may be more likely to shop for a vehicle sooner and need a family size car if you’re hoping to sell more 3-row SUVs.

Targeted Mailing Lists Can Be Personalized

responding to emailsPersonalization can go a long way when used in a direct mail campaign. It can help your customers feel more connected and seen by your business. It can also help prompt them to take the action your campaign hopes they’ll take, whether visiting your website or using a service coupon that your dealership sent.

Epsilon Individual Automotive’s data solutions can help provide the information you need to personalize your direct mail. The SureDrive Data solution offers information on your customers’ vehicles and the specific make, model, and year. You can use their name and this information to tailor a direct mail ad to their needs.

Personalized URLs (PURLs) can be added to your direct mail piece, including your customer’s name and even taking them to a specific landing page customized to their needs.

Plan Your Next Targeted Direct Mailing List with Our Experts Today

The direct mail experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive can help you create a targeted direct mailing list. Using our data solutions, we can craft a targeted direct mailing list, and our in-house creatives can design a flyer that grabs attention. Contact us to discuss your next direct mail marketing plan today.