4 Survey Lead Generation Strategies: How to Do It Right

Effective lead generation is key to what automotive dealerships can do to enhance customer engagement and sales. Among many methods available, survey lead generation shines with its ability to not only collect vital customer insights but to also foster a direct line of communication.

The right survey lead generation can turn a dealer’s direct mail campaign into a powerful tool that captures leads and enhances customer loyalty. To help you better understand how to get the best results, Epsilon Individual Automotive has outlined four of the most common survey lead generation strategies you should use for your next campaign.

Formatting and Design Matter

First things first: A well-formatted survey mailer is the cornerstone to any successful lead generation campaign. Before sending your survey mailers, ensure each survey is carefully edited and ready to go for the masses. Use a clean, organized format that emphasizes readability to encourage completion. This includes engaging questions that are logically arranged to avoid any frustration from the recipient.

Additionally, design is an important factor in the effectiveness of your survey mailer. Each mailer should contain several key features: an outer envelope, the survey itself, a personalized letter, and a business reply envelope. Although a letter is optional, you should consider this as it adds a personal touch and explains the purpose of the survey and how the recipients’ input will be used.

Let People Answer Online or Via Mail

Girl answering survey onlineFlexibility is one of the major determinants for maximizing responses to your survey mailers. Giving recipients a choice to respond either online or via mail caters to different preferences and improves the chances of response. You should prioritize this dual approach that opens your results to a wider audience and ensures you gather data from every category of audience.

For those who prefer to respond online, provide an easy URL or QR code that will take the respondent directly to the survey. The online survey should be optimized for a mobile phone so that users can respond via device. For other traditional respondents, including a business reply envelope with pre-paid postage makes it easy to mail back their completed response survey.

Use Incentives and Rewards

Incentives can significantly boost the response rate of your survey mailers. Something as simple as offering a reward for completing the survey entices recipients to take the time to respond. Common dealership incentives include low-priced gift cards, entry into a contest, and other small gifts.

However, it’s imperative that you clearly communicate the incentive in your mailer to capture attention off the bat. For instance, offering a discount on automotive services or accessories can directly benefit your recipients and encourage them to engage with your survey. The promise of a tangible benefit can turn a passive recipient into an active participant.

Keep the Questions Simple

Survey feedback written in Scrabble tiles

The simplicity of your survey questions is critical in maintaining interest and ensuring quality data. Questions that are too complicated or too long can discourage participation and cause incomplete responses. As you look ahead at your next survey, we advise keeping questions simple and short for maximum lead generation.

Reduce the number of questions that would discourage participation. Instead, stick to the essentials—information that will bring in actionable insight. Ask questions in simple, non-ambiguous language with response options easy to understand and select. A small, well-designed questionnaire not only saves your recipient time but also gives you a better chance of capturing valid and useful data.

Employ the Right Survey Lead Generation Approach

By ensuring your mailers are well-prepared and offer multiple response options, you can enhance participation and further drive survey lead generation. The good news? These impactful strategies are easy to incorporate—especially with the help of our Epsilon Individual Automotive experts.

Our professional team will work with you to develop personalized strategies and support to bring your direct mail to the next level and ensure exceptional results. Contact us today to get started.