Does Direct Mail Work in 2024? 6 Reasons to Still Use It

Despite what you might think, consumers still prefer physical ads in an age where phones reign supreme—and your dealership can take advantage of this. With the right direct mail strategy, you can grow your audience without shifting focus away from your digital presence.

If you’re wondering whether direct mail works in 2024, Epsilon Individual Automotive has six great reasons for you to consider going back to the basics.

Delivers High Response Rates

Direct mail in a red mailboxDirect mail still outperforms other marketing channels in 2024, highlighted by impressive response rates that continue to grow. For instance, a study by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) found that direct mail campaigns can achieve a 9 percent response rate for customers who previously engaged with a brand, and around 5 percent for prospects.1

Why is this? There are several factors at play, but personalization does a lot of the heavy lifting. When compared to the 1.33 percent click rate found in marketing emails, direct mail reigns supreme.

Tangible & Personable

As the saying goes, “Everything old is new again”. In a world where technology takes over the market share, direct mail’s tangible nature and personalized touch still resonates with many consumers. In fact, a 2017 study by MarketingSherpa found that 82 percent of consumers are likelier to rely on newspaper and magazine ads compared to digital marketing.2

Direct mail marketing uses several future-forward tactics in 2024 that blend the best of both worlds. Features like QR codes enable dealerships to create engaging and personalized experiences for their intended target audience.

Builds Trust

Personalization and trust go hand in hand in direct mail marketing in 2024. Whereas the digital landscape may be susceptible to security concerns, direct mail offers a safe and reliable way to reach consumers. Why? Because its physical presence reduces the risk of being exposed to scams or malicious attacks.

This sense of security and familiarity is particularly valued by older demographics and those less comfortable with technology. As such, direct mail fosters a sense of legitimacy and authenticity, building a stronger foundation for brand trust and positive customer experiences.

Integrates with Digital Marketing

Direct mail integrating with digital marketing in 2024Direct mailers can become even more potent when strategically combined with digital marketing efforts in 2024. They can be easily integrated into any stage of the marketing funnel to effectively complement online advertising and achieve shared goals.

Like we said earlier, incorporating QR codes into mailers allows recipients to easily access online content, bridging the gap between physical and digital channels. This synergy enhances overall campaign performance, boosts customer engagement, and ultimately drives a higher return on investment.

Easily Trackable

Tracking success through direct mailers in 2024 is easier than ever. Measuring the success of your direct mail campaign is crucial for optimizing your marketing strategy and achieving desired outcomes. With the integration of digital marketing, you can track several different methods at once, like:

  • Website Tracking: Easily monitor website traffic and attribute specific direct mail actions by directing recipients to custom landings or personal URLs (PURLs).
  • Call Tracking: Utilize dedicated phone numbers for your direct mail campaign to track incoming calls and identify the most effective marketing channels.
  • Exclusive Offers: Offering exclusive deals through direct mail not only creates a sense of value for recipients but also serves as a reliable tracking mechanism.

Cost Effective

Perhaps most importantly, direct mail stands as a cost-effective marketing solution in 2024. Over the years, its impressive response rates and ROI have maintained affordability, and with the inclusion of things like QR codes and PURLs, dealership engagement and brand recognition are easier to reach.

Unlike digital campaigns that often require significant investment to generate a return, direct mail can be highly effective even with a smaller contact list. This makes it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes, providing a cost-efficient way to reach target audiences and achieve marketing objectives.

Direct Mail Marketing in 2024 Pays Dividends

If you’re ready for your dealership to reach new heights, consider Epsilon Individual Automotive your go-to resource for all things marketing. There are many reasons to still use direct mail in 2024, and our experts are eager to help you reach your audience with sustained success.

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