Is Direct Mail Cost Effective?

Direct mail marketing has stood the test of time by enticing audiences for over a century. However, in the digital age, it’s worth wondering whether direct mail is still a smart strategy for your marketing budget. Is direct mail cost-effective for your business?

Epsilon Individual Automotive answers that in this blog. With decades of experience working with thousands of car dealerships, we’ll put our knowledge to use by delving into this necessary question and help you see how direct mail can still work for you.

Direct Mail’s Effectiveness in a Digital World

opening direct mailBetween social media and emails, digital marketing dominates the landscape these days. With the rise of the smartphone, practically everyone is familiar with targeted ads on their devices. However, direct mail marketing continues to stand the test of time.

Despite the shift to digital, direct mail remains a smart and welcome strategy for several reasons. First, consumers are more likely to read your mailer. Many people look forward to opening their mail and holding onto it for a while rather than throwing it away immediately.

This is where direct mail has an advantage over digital marketing. With all the emails people get at work and the many offers they receive in their personal inboxes, email fatigue is a reality for many. As a result, investing strictly in digital could lead to your offers ending up unread, unopened, or sorted into a consumer’s spam folder.

Direct Mail Marketing ROI

Direct mail not only proves effective but also boasts cost-effectiveness. Investing in printing and postage offers a quick, easy, and affordable way to reach your target audience. The tangible nature of direct mail leaves a lasting impression, which can contribute to a higher likelihood of engagement. That tangibility goes both ways since it’s easy to calculate the cost of producing and shipping all your mailers.

Epsilon Automotive recognizes the potential for a significant return on investment through direct mail campaigns. While mailers can be relatively affordable, the ROI that an automotive dealership can get from them can be exponentially larger, thanks to the nature of a dealer’s services and inventory.

Examples of ROI

Mail CatelogsConsider what a small postcard or a colorful flyer can highlight for your business. The mailer cost is minimal compared to the cost of a new vehicle or a service appointment. Even used car sales or individual parts and accessories generate significantly more revenue for your dealership than the cost of a few pieces of mail.

The immediate impact of direct mail makes it unquestionably cost-effective. However, the long-term effects can be even greater. Direct mail can be a catalyst for customers to continue to look to your business in the future.

Maximize Your ROI With Epsilon Individual Automotive

At Epsilon Individual Automotive, our team can help you get the most out of your direct mail campaign. Not only do our experts bring years of experience and cutting-edge data solutions to the table, but we also have one of the largest in-house printing facilities in the country.

That allows us to conceptualize, collaborate, and provide you with drafts and completed mailers. Contact us today for a consultation.