The Most Effective Direct Mail Pieces

The Direct Mail Solution, by Craig Simpson who is a direct marketing professional and entrepreneur offers simple-to-follow options for developing direct mail campaigns which work! Simpson outlines the 7 crucial parts you ought to include in all direct mail sales pieces. Here, we share those with you:


You must grab the reader’s attention in a few seconds, and the ideal method of doing this is with an excellent headline. It may be simply a few words in length, or it may be several sentences, yet it must capture interest and imply or make a promise that you are providing something which will be of good value to a reader–and they’d better look at the piece immediately to discover what it is. Getting the proper headline is your main job!


The single question all potential buyers will ask is, “What is in it for me?” Therefore, throughout the piece, you must keep piling the benefits on. And bear in mind that it is benefits, and not features, which sell. That brand-new vehicle may have the most sophisticated engine, yet the buyer needs to hear that he will have the ability to impress the neighbors and drive fast. That ultra-new diet supplement might possess an impressive ingredient list, yet the buyer needs to know it’ll make her friends envy her and her husband love her.

The call to action and offer

By the time the reader comes to the completion of the sales piece, there ought to be no doubt as to what they should do next. You need to produce a sense of urgency by offering a call to action. And as they say in the business, ‘You should always ask for the order.’

You want individuals to act immediately. If they put down the sales piece, even if they are interested, they will soon forget all about it. All of that enthusiasm you worked so hard to create will vanish.

To avoid this from happening, you may encourage individuals to immediately act by providing an incentive for purchasing within a specific period of time. It might be a reduction in price, bonus gift or any additional thing you want to toss in if they will “act now.”

One other method of encouraging action includes making it clear how simple it is to respond and with your toll-free number, they won’t need to pay for the phone call. With calling plans today, most individuals do not pay for individual phone calls anyway, yet there is something about toll-free numbers that are appealing.

The P.S.

Studies shows that amongst the most critical portions of a sales letter includes the P.S. Oftentimes individuals are going to look at the piece’s opening then turn to the back to check what the offer is. If there is a P.S., they often will read it before any other thing.

Therefore, be certain to always place an appealing P.S. which reiterates the most essential points of the sales pitch. Keep in mind, you want all parts of the piece to work hard for you. Be certain the P.S. is doing everything possible to clinch your sale.

Order form

If you are utilizing an order form with the piece, it’s your final opportunity to sell the product and convince the prospect to make the purchase. You should always include attractive, brief copy about your product, its benefits, as well as the offer.


Alright, this one is optional; however, it may be extremely powerful. The prospective buyer might be tempted, yet still afraid of losing money. If you place a satisfaction guarantee in, it might convince potential clients who are sitting on the fence to try the product because they’ll “have nothing to lose.”


This also is optional. If you’d like the prospects to respond through the mail, you may consider inserting a BRE (business reply envelope) into the mailing package. Your business reply envelope is pre-addressed to you, and your prospect does not need to place postage on the envelope (post office will bill you postage for all envelopes mailed back to you). And, by making it simple for the prospect to respond, you might boost response rates.

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