How Direct Mail Uses Proprietary Data

Direct Mail & Proprietary Data

Knowing your customer is the key to any successful business. When it comes to your direct mail marketing investments, data goes a long way in ensuring that your materials are reaching the right audience at the right time.

Fortunately, proprietary data can help you effectively target the leads that are most likely to participate in your program and become life-long customers.

To learn more about how direct mail uses propriety data to position itself as one of the most effective marketing solutions, let’s take a look at these insights from the team of professionals at Aspen Automotive.

With the information on this page, you’ll understand exactly how this marketing option helps you reach your ideal customers.

Direct Mail & Proprietary Data: Targeting the Right Audience

Automotive Targeting Making the most of your advertising investment is a priority for your dealership. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that you’re sending your direct mail materials to the correct addresses and the individuals who are most likely to participate in what you’re offering.

Well, that’s where proprietary data comes in. This information provides your business with further insight into the demographics, lifestyles, purchasing history, and preferences of your ideal customer.

Big data allows your team to assess the habits of certain buyers and determine which individuals should be included in your direct mail campaign. As a result, you won’t waste time and money sending direct mailers to leads who wouldn’t benefit from your offer or who aren’t ready to purchase a vehicle.

On top of that, certain proprietary data can provide your dealership with a better understanding of your audience’s vehicle purchasing habits, credit scores, lease/loan enders, and addresses.

Thanks to those details, your team can more effectively reach out to a customer who fits your customer criteria by sending them a direct mailer that’s tailored to their needs.

Proprietary Data Solutions for Your Direct Mail Campaign

Now that you know more about how direct mail uses proprietary data, it’s time to learn more about how our marketing experts use this information to help your dealership reach its revenue goals. Let’s take a look at some of the data solutions that have resulted in a solid ROI for our clients:

Aspen Suredrive Data

With this exclusive tool, our professionals use data from multiple sources to determine the vehicles your customers drive, right down to the specific make, model, and year. Plus, we can even identify the purchase date, automobile style, and purchase type.

Dealer Data Download

Dealer DataTo ensure that your direct mail is reaching the correct addresses of your customers, it’s important to have access to the right information.

Luckily, our team offers the Dealer Data Download service, which retrieves and updates information in your direct mail strategy for improved accuracy.

By removing duplicate records and updating data through the National Change of Address, you’ll know that your direct mailers are reaching your audience’s mailboxes.

Lease/Loan Enders

Like we mentioned above, proprietary data teams up with your direct mail strategy to provide you with more information about your targeted customers’ purchasing habits. This includes details about lease and loan agreements that are nearing an end.

This service serves up information about your leads’ credit scores, percentage of loan remaining, and unrenewed paid auto loans. That way, your team can prepare to reach out to these customers to encourage them to finance their next automobile at your dealership.

Proprietary Data: The Aspen Difference

Long gone are the days of blast direct mail campaigns and customer guesswork. With the power of our team’s exclusive proprietary data, your dealership has clear insight into the characteristics, buying habits, demographics, and vehicles of your ideal buyers.

But what makes our databases so special, and how can they make a difference in your bottom line?

Dealership Marketing Think about it: Are you more likely to engage with an automotive advertisement that’s generic and bland or one that features personalized information that’s tailored to fit your specific car-buying needs? That’s right! The latter.

Due to the fact that most people are more responsive to advertisements that pertain to their particular lifestyles, infusing proprietary data into your automotive marketing campaign is a surefire way to generate leads.

Furthermore, the databases provided by Aspen equip dealerships with unique insights from data that can only be accessed by our team. By incorporating the data that’s been mined from these resources, you stand a better chance of making lasting connections with your ideal audience.

Once your automotive direct mailers land into the mailboxes of your targeted buyers, they’ll be presented with the solution to their most pressing car-buying problems: your dealership.

When you speak directly to the pain points of your consumers by analyzing their car-buying tendencies, your dealership improves the likelihood of making a memorable impact on the recipients of your direct mailers. Ultimately, this type of data personalization is the launching pad for automotive marketing success.

Learn More About Our Direct Mail Data Solutions Today!

Of course, the direct mail data solutions listed on this page are only a small sampling of the proprietary data services offered at Aspen Automotive.

So, if you’re looking to learn more about how direct mail uses proprietary data and some of our direct mail strategies, it’s time for you to get started.

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