How Aspen Automotive’s Campaigns Get Results

Aspen Automotive Direct Marketing

After you’ve spent time crafting a data-driven, automotive direct mail campaign, there’s only one thing you want to see: results.

No matter if you’re looking to attract new customers or delight your existing audience, the ultimate goal of your campaign is to drive traffic into your dealership, thereby increasing revenue and establishing a solid ROI.

Well, the marketing experts at Aspen Automotive have developed proven direct mail advertising techniques that help you and your company achieve your business objectives.

Fortunately, we’re here to give you a rundown on how our unique methodology leads to profitable results for our clients. Let’s check them out!

1.)   Accurate, Up-to-Date Data

Automotive's Campaign DataTo ensure that your direct mailers are reaching your targeted audience, you first must verify that your dealership’s data and mailing list is as accurate as possible.

That’s why our team utilizes a series of industry-trusted and exclusive databases that secure your business with the most accurate information available about your customers.

Depending on your specific needs, our professionals are equipped with the right tools to gather a mailing list that’s filled with correct addresses and up-to-date details. That way, your direct mailers will land in the correct mailboxes every time.

On top of addresses, our marketers compile other datasets that allow you to refine the messages and graphics of your direct mailer to align with the needs of your targeted audience, such as:

  • Real Time Credit Score Data
  • Lease/Loan Enders
  • Aspen SureDrive Data and more

2.)   Automotive Direct Mail Personalization

As a direct result of solid data, effective direct mail personalization is yet another way in which Aspen Automotive’s campaigns get results.

Instead of saturating your area with generic offers that don’t apply to your targeted audience, personalized direct mail uses data to identify the habits, demographics, and lifestyles of your ideal customer.

By customizing the offer, message, and graphics on your advertisement to speak directly to your consumers’ most pressing needs, you’ll increase the chances of them participating in your program or purchasing one of your products. This could be as simple as adding an individual’s name to the direct mail you send.

Plus, rather than sending an impersonalized direct mail to a large audience that doesn’t yield the response you’re looking for, a direct mailer that’s customized to a smaller subset of consumers is more likely to provide you with better results. It’s a win-win.

3.)   Direct Mail Result Tracking & Measuring

Automotive PURLsAnother way in which Aspen Automotive’s campaigns yield successful outcomes for our clients is through our automotive direct mail technologies.

By incorporating technologies like personalized URLs (PURLs) into your direct mail design, you’ll not only encourage your consumers to visit their personalized site, but you’ll also track the number of responses and clicks based on those who activated the URL more easily.

Plus, other technologies like our Interactive Touch-Tone Response platform provides your team with the name and phone number of the replying customer.

From there, your team will receive an automated lead email that allows them to contact your best prospects. That way, you can nurture the potential customers who are interested in beginning a relationship with your dealership.

Of course, these result-driven devices are only the beginning of the direct mail tracking solutions offered by our marketing agency, so feel free to contact us to learn more.

Get Solid Results on Your Next Automotive Direct Mail Campaign!

At Aspen Automotive, nothing’s more important to us than ensuring that your dealership boosts sales with a solid automotive direct mail strategy.

Well, our marketing gurus are prepared to craft a marketing approach that’s tailored to your business’s persona and your customer’s needs by employing our time-tested methodology.

To find out more about our direct mail options and how we can help your company thrive, give us a call or send us an email today!