The Transition to Interactive Automotive Direct Mail Programs

Interactive Automotive Direct Mail Programs

In the age of smartphones, you need something unique to help your dealership stand out. So, if you’ve been wondering how to boost business for your company, it’s time to consider interactive direct mail programs.

Not only does this marketing technique create a convenient experience for your customers, but it also positions your dealership as an industry leader. Fortunately, the team of marketing gurus at Aspen Automotive is here to help you make the transition to interactive direct mail programs.

With this convenient guide, you’ll learn more about how to incorporate attention-grabbing, lead-generating techniques into your direct mailers to create a unique experience for your buyers. Let’s check it out!

Step 1: Choose Your Direct Mail Platform

Brochure Direct Mail PlatformOf course, choosing the correct direct mail medium is the first step of a successful marketing campaign. Regardless if your message or program would be better suited for the bold designs of a pop card promotion or an information-packed brochure, it’s important to first determine the options that’s right for your business goals.

By opting for the direct mail materials that align with your company’s overall objectives, you’ll more easily snag the interest of your targeted audience.

Once you’ve settled on a design scheme for your advertisement, you’re ready to add in some interactive tools that’ll engage your customers and encourage them to visit your dealership.

Step 2: Determine Your Interactive Direct Mail Technique

These days, there’s more than one way to incorporate technology into your direct mailer. Thanks to smartphones, it’s easy to provide your customers with a call-to-action that positions itself directly into the daily lives of your audience.

For example, including a barcode on your direct mail materials spurs your leads to grab their smartphone and scan the code to find out more about your dealership’s offer or program. Some of the other interactive direct mail programs to use for your business’s next campaign are:

  • Magnetic Content
  • Scratch-Offs
  • Redeemable Offer
  • Backstage Passes and more

On top of that, PURL (personalized URLs) programs offer yet another interactive option for both marketers and consumers alike. This direct mail marketing option allows for increased customization by providing your audience with a personal web address.

Here, they can find more information pertaining to your products or a database containing their service visits or recent purchases. That way, your customers will feel as though you’re catering to their every need in a way that’s convenient for them.

Step 3: Track Your Performance

Coupon CodeLooking for another reason to opt into interactive direct mail? As one of the main benefits of interactive direct mail, you and your team can more easily track the results of your campaign thanks to the specific information included on your mailers.

To put this into perspective, tools like coupon codes, PURLs, and other actionable techniques provide you with a specific code with which you can evaluate the success of your strategy.

All you have to do is compare the number of codes used to the number of direct mailers your team sent to your customers, and you’ll have a solid understanding of your marketing performance.

As a result, you’ll have a better sense of the return on investment for your interactive direct mail program.

Make the Transition to Interactive Direct Mail Programs Today!

At Aspen Automotive, we’re dedicated to educating our clients on the best way to incorporate data-driven interactive direct mail programs into your business’s marketing strategy.

By choosing our squad of skilled designers and marketing professionals, you’ll improve your bottom line and increase your reach to consumers across the area.

Ready to find out more about some of our high-tech, interactive direct mail options? Simply give us a call or shoot us an email today!