How to Drive More Sales with Automotive Marketing

Automotive Marketing Sales

Driving sales for your dealership is a top priority, right? To reach that goal, you need the right automotive marketing plan and a dedicated marketing agency that has the necessary experience to guide your dealership’s team down the path of success.

That’s why the advertising professionals at Aspen Automotive have put together a quick rundown of how to drive more sales with automotive marketing. Take a look at some of our tried and true advertising techniques that can help your auto dealership thrive.

Optimize Your Web Presence

Online ShoppingTo understand how important your dealership’s web presence is, think about this recent statistic from Salesforce: “87 percent of shoppers begin their hunt in digital channels—up from 71 percent last year.”1

With so many of your buyers starting the hunt for their next car online, it’s essential that your team focuses energy on improving the online shopping experience for your customers and the presence of your dealership on digital platforms.

The best way to ensure that your dealerships shows up front and center for your consumers’ web searches, you want to include informative content both on your website and blog that’s optimized to include highly searched keywords.

Thanks to your focus on popular web searches, your content is more likely to rank highly on the front pages of Google™ and get noticed by potential buyers.

Tip: Optimizing your dealership’s web presence includes ensuring that your Google My Business™ information is up to date. As a result, your customers won’t have any trouble contacting and finding your business to begin the car-buying process.

Become an Industry Authority

Automotive Marketing

Customers trust dealerships that know their stuff. Well, another way to drive more sales with automotive marketing is by offering helpful advice and articles via your dealership’s blog.

Regardless if you write a how to guide for vehicle maintenance, oil changes, or any other automotive topic, showing your readers that you’re experienced in every aspect of automotive care ultimately boosts your sales.

Not only will potential consumers trust your expertise, but they’ll also pass along those blog posts to their family members and friends who might also be looking for a new dealership.

Tip: One of the best ways to increase website engagement with your customers is to create features about highly anticipated new car models and other industry news. That way, your buyers will know that your team has their finger on the pulse of the automotive world.

Offer Enticing Incentives

Automotive Loyalty ProgramsThere’s nothing quite like a special offer or free service opportunity to spur your consumers into action. By providing your potential leads with a reason to begin their relationship with your dealership, you’ll have the opportunity to show them all the advantages of doing business with your team.

For instance, offering a special discount to customers who refer new buyers who end up purchasing a car from your dealership is a great way to boost consumer loyalty.

Of course, that’s only one of the many ways that incentives can drive more sales, so make sure to ask us some of the ways in which our team has increased revenue for our clients with exclusive offers.

Tip: Looking to draw in new customers? Consider a new buyer program that includes a selection of benefits that only first-time purchasers can tap into.

Work with Your Community

Social Media Marketing With the rise of social media use, it’s important to go beyond simply creating social media accounts for your dealership. You want to make sure that you’re actively posting interesting and useful content that your followers can engage with.

In fact, social media is the perfect platform to post updates about how your dealership is working to improve the surrounding community.

By doing so, you’ll show your customers that you’re committed to more than just your dealership’s success—you’re also dedicated to the well-being of your city and its inhabitants.

Tip: The next time your business hosts a fundraiser or contributes to a food drive, upload pictures of the event to your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles. Not only does this spark the interests of your buyers, but it also provides you with potential leads based on those who like or comment your posts.

How to Drive More Sales with Automotive Marketing: Get Started Today!

At Aspen Automotive, we believe that the key to driving more sales at your dealership is by building an effective automotive campaign that harnesses the power of the most popular marketing platforms available.

Luckily, our marketing masters have established a comprehensive, omni-channel marketing approach that helps you reach your targeted audience every time. Ready to find out more about our marketing technologies and proven methodology? All you have to do is give us a call or send us an email today!