How to Grow Your Automotive Company with Direct Mail Marketing

Auto Company Direct Mail Marketing Are you looking to grow your automotive company? If so, you’re in luck. We here at Aspen Automotive are here to show you just how easy growing your business can be with a little help from an automotive direct mail strategy.

We’ve created this reference guide in which we discuss direct mail, why you need to use it, and to help you better understand how developing a direct mail marketing campaign can change your automotive company for the best. Ready to get started? Keep reading!

What is Direct Mail Marketing

Automotive PromotionBefore we can talk about how to grow your business, we first must talk about what automotive direct marketing entails. Simply put, direct marketing means you’re sending information about promotions—like seasonal, loyalty, and loan/finance—to your current automotive clients as well as branching out to prospective clients using your buyer demographics.

There are several types of ways direct mail can be sent, including both traditional mail and interactive mail. Let’s look at these overarching categories now.

Traditional Direct Mail

Are you running a promotion at your car dealership in tandem with an upcoming holiday? Are you trying to target a specific credit score range with a loan/finance promotion? Sending information directly to individuals explaining these promotions is a perfect example of utilizing auto direct mail.

Interactive Direct Mail

Interactive mail is like traditional automotive direct mailers, but it takes the direct mail one step further by using interactive techniques that encourage individuals to engage with your program. QR codes and personal URL (PURL) programs are two great methods that you can use in interactive mailers. QR codes encourage clients to scan a specific code that redirects them to an inventory page, financing application, or customer survey.

PURLs work similarly. These types of auto direct mailers include personalized URL that often includes their name. When navigating to this personalized page, your client will see a fully customized landing page that includes information on their latest purchases, service visits, and other helpful information.

Why Use an Automotive Direct Mail Strategy

Auto Marketing Direct mail marketing, according to surveys, is one of the highest performing forms of marketing. In fact, the response to automotive direct mail marketing is more than five percent higher than the response to emails.

But why, in such a digital world, is there a higher response to direct mail instead of email? That’s because fewer companies are sending out direct mail, creating an influx in digital marketing for clients. Not only does this leave you with less direct mail marketing competition, but this interactive form of marketing is memorable, too.

How to Grow Your Business

Using direct mail is a fast and easy way to grow your automotive company. The tangibility of automotive direct mail creates a lasting and positive connection between your customers and your dealership.

In order to create this lasting connection, we recommend following these tips:

  • Target AudienceCreate a target audience: When sending out your direct mail marketing, you want to target specific demographics. For example, targeting location or income is one way you can send out your direct mail for higher results.
  • Get creative: When it comes to direct mail, make sure you have someone in the design industry helping you create your visuals. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, too! Sometimes those whacky and fun ideas are the things that people remember the most.
  • Include a CTA: A CTA is a call to action. This is what people care about with your direct mail. Make sure you specifically state what people should take advantage of. This will help you grow your business even further.
  • Track analytics: Just like with any other type of marketing, keeping track of your direct mail marketing is essential. This way, you know how successful your campaign ran, and you can use these results for the future.

Using these tips will help you grow your dealership with direct mail marketing.

Grow Your Dealership with Automotive Direct Mail Today!

Are you ready to grow your car company in a fast and easy way that produces results? Thankfully, at Aspen Automotive, our marketing experts have streamlined the direct mail marketing process so you can see results—like improved ROI (return on investments), boost overall revenue, and generate leads and new clients—with your business.

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