10 Direct Mail Mistakes that Cost Your Auto Dealer

10 Direct Mail Mistakes that Cost Your Auto DealerWhen creating a direct mail campaign, the goal is to make it as profitable as possible. Did you know there are seemingly small mistakes you might make that can affect the overall revenue of your campaign? The marketing experts at Aspen Automotive have sat down and compiled a list of the 10 direct mail mistakes that cost your auto dealer.

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10 Direct Mail Mistakes that Cost Your Auto Dealer

1). Not Setting a Targeted Audience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your direct mail campaign is not setting a targeted audience. A targeted audience is typically based on demographics, such as income, credit score, age, and more.

By sending out generic mail to everyone, or by sending mail without seeing where it’s going, you’ll likely spend more to create your campaign than you’ll get from your campaign.

2). Sending to Recipients too Far Away

Related to sending mail to the wrong people, another direct mail mistake that costs you is sending mail too far away. As a dealership, you’re likely serving the local communities near you. This makes sense, since a visit to your dealership would be a quick drive.

The farther from your dealership that you send mail, however, the less likely they’ll utilize your services.

10 Direct Mail Mistakes that Cost Your Auto Dealer3). Falling Short in Terms of Design

The design of your mailer is the first thing the recipient sees. If your mailer blends in with everything else in their mailbox or doesn’t look professional, chances are the recipient won’t give your mailer a second look.


4). Skimping on the Offer

The reason people read direct mail is because they want to know what they’re being offered. If you skimp on the offer or offer something most people wouldn’t be interested in, chances are your mailer will be overlooked.

Some of the best offers include a free gift, a two-for-one service deal, limited time vehicle sales, and more.

10 Direct Mail Mistakes that Cost Your Auto Dealer5). Forgetting a Call to Action

While the offer is important, the call to action (CTA) is arguably one of the worst things to skip on your mailer. The CTA tells the reader what to do next. Should they visit your dealership or schedule a service appointment? Without the CTA, you won’t see the results you expect.


6). Sending to the Wrong Address

It’s important to regularly update your client list. The last thing you want is having an established relationship with a customer end because they moved and you didn’t know it. Not only are you spending money to send mail to the wrong person, but you’re also losing money because they weren’t aware of your offers.

7). Skipping on Tracking Results

If you’re following a “send it and forget it” approach to your direct mail, it’s costing you. You must track results on your campaign to help you identify areas of strength and weakness. This way, each new campaign will be better than the last.

10 Direct Mail Mistakes that Cost Your Auto Dealer8). Not Following Up

In addition to tracking the results of your campaign, you need to follow up with the recipients of your mail. Sometimes, shoppers need a little extra nudge. Life happens and their attention is pulled, so don’t be afraid to follow up after sending your mailer as an extra push to your dealership.



9). Forgetting to Test Mail

You put the effort in to track the success of your previous campaigns. Don’t let that effort be wasted. Adjust your future campaigns based on the results from past successes and failures. If not, you’ll continue making the same marketing mistakes again and again.

10 Direct Mail Mistakes that Cost Your Auto Dealer10). Not Following Postal Regulations

The United States Postal Service (USPS) makes it easy to distribute your direct mail…if done properly. If you’re over regulations for postcard size and your mailer is now being shipped as a mailer, this is costing you. Make sure to always follow USPS regulations to ensure you’re not getting charged extra.

Get the Most Out of Your Direct Mail Campaign

When you partner with the automotive marketing experts at Aspen Automotive, you can rest assured these 10 mistakes won’t get overlooked. Better yet, you can feel confident you’re seeing the best returns on investment (ROIs) possible.

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