How Direct Mail Can Get Customers in the Door

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While digital marketing and advertising efforts have proven effective in converting leads into sales, there remains a time and place where traditional marketing methods can make a lasting impact. This is especially true in the automotive industry, where many consumers still prefer to buy their cars, trucks, and SUVs in person at a brick-and-mortar showroom.

Our team here at Epsilon Individual Automotive is well-versed when it comes to traditional marketing methods like direct mail. Read on to learn how direct mail can get customers in the door at your dealership!

Direct Mail = More Personal

opening mailDirect mail involves sending mail (postcards, coupons, guides, etc.) directly in the mail, as you are likely aware. Part of what makes direct mail so effective for businesses and car dealers is the fact that it is more personal for the consumer.

By receiving a physical piece of marketing material, your consumer is much more engaged. They are able to touch, see, and use your piece of direct mail. In some senses, this makes it more engaging than online offers or TV commercials that the consumer sees for 30 seconds and then vacates their mind.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to effectively engaging consumers through direct mail, though.

Making Your Marketing Initiatives More Creative with Direct Mail

Direct Mail DesignThere are several ways you can implement direct mail into your marketing efforts, affording you the opportunity to get creative.

For prospects at the beginning of the funnel, say first-time car buyers, you can use direct mail to mine more information. You can send them direct mail giveaway that offers $500 off any new car, for example, and all they have to do to earn this reward is provide you with additional contact information, like their email and phone number. Not only is that consumer more likely to visit your dealership with their coupon, but you also have information to remarket in the future if they don’t convert.

Another way to utilize direct mail could be to create a newsletter of sorts that highlights the evolution of the automotive industry. Electric vehicles (EVs), for instance, have become popular. Creating a newsletter about the EV evolution and some of the best EV models available and sending it via direct mail could be a great way to engage prospects as well as existing consumers. Here, you get to educate the consumer and encourage them to reach out if they want to learn more, calling them to action.

Really, you can utilize direct mail in any one of a number of ways to help get consumers to come through your doors.

Push Consumers to Your Showroom with the Help of Direct Mail

There are few investments larger than buying or leasing a car. Accordingly, consumers value personal communications. With direct mail, you can successfully provide more personal marketing communications that engage the consumer and help bring them to your door.

Do you have further questions about how direct mail can get customers in the door? Please contact our team here at Epsilon Individual Automotive!