Using Data-Targeted Direct Mail Instead of Mass Mailing

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Traditionally, direct mail is sent to the masses aimed at engaging a wide audience and driving traffic. While this is the case, it does not mean you can’t get more targeted with your direct mailing efforts, nurturing higher-quality leads and creating higher ROI by leveraging data.

In this guide, our team here at Epsilon Individual Automotive will explain how using data-targeted direct mail instead of mass mailing may benefit your business.

Traditional Direct Mailing

Direct Mail to Promote Car SpecialsTraditionally, direct mailing efforts are sent to a wide audience with the goal of engaging potential consumers and moving them further down the funnel. This can be done by sending out informational guides, giveaways, coupons, and other marketing materials.

The idea behind direct mailing is that you are providing a more engaging marketing experience for prospects, providing them with actual materials they can use.

Using Data to Elevate Your Direct Mailing Efforts

While direct mailing is a really effective tool in your marketing mix, since you are reaching such a broad population, you may not convert as many leads. This is where data-targeted direct mail comes in. With a more targeted mailing list, you can reach more engaged prospects who are more likely to convert and end in a sale.

Leveraging Your Current Consumer Base

opening mailThe easiest way to incorporate data into your direct mailing strategy is actually just making use of your current consumer base. With all the contact information from your customers over the years, you have a highly targeted list of prospects who are more likely to convert given their history with you in the past.

Sending direct mail to your current customer list on a regular basis promotes steady engagement. So, even if a given customer is not currently in the market for a model, you’ll be working to build a sustained relationship with them which could lead to a sale down the road.

One month you may send your consumer list a coupon for service, helping them maintain their vehicle. Another month you could mail them a piece of informational material on the evolution of hybrid vehicles, for example. Really, it can be whatever you want that helps you build a long-lasting relationship with your consumer base.

Nurturing New Prospects with Data

Utilizing data is also a great way to find new customers. Using what you know about your consumer base, you can build a demographic to target as you look for new prospects. You can send direct mail to new prospects who fall within this demographic, building your consumer base even more with consumers who again are more likely to convert into a sale down the line given their similarities to your existing clientele.

Enhance Your Direct Mail Strategy with the Help of Data

Direct mailing is already an effective marketing strategy when you incorporate data its ability to boost sales is magnified. Do you still have questions about why using data-targeted direct mail instead of mass mail is a better choice in some situations? Contact our team here at Epsilon Individual Automotive!