What Are the Advantages of Using Direct Mail and Catalogs?

MailersDirect mail marketing, including letters, postcards, and catalogs, has a lot of advantages as a marketing method. This tactile marketing approach is a great way to grab attention and deliver important information about your dealership to your customers.

The Epsilon Individual Automotive team is here to help you learn more about the advantages of using direct mail and catalogs. Dig in and see what direct mail marketing can do.

Direct Mail Can Be Highly Personalized

Direct mail is a method of advertising that can be highly personalized. Personalized direct mail shows your potential customers that you’re making an effort and establishing a relationship with them.

Direct mail personalization may include using the customer’s name or featuring a personalized URL that takes them to a web page dedicated to their needs.

Direct Mail Sticks Around

Mail CatelogsOn average, direct mail remains in a home for up to 17 days.* This gives household members, including the original recipient, time to check out the direct mail piece.

They may flip through it a few times if it’s a catalog. Each time provides another opportunity to act and become a customer.

Direct Mail Acts as a Starting Point for Shopping

As direct mail pieces, catalogs are a great way to encourage leads to begin the shopping process. You can include the various services your dealership offers and a look at the inventory you want to promote.

Luxury vehicles are a great option for a catalog. Catalogs give you time to zoom in on the details and show off great photographs that highlight the luxurious attitude of the vehicle.

Direct Mail Is Easier to Process and Read

 CatalogsDirect mail is cognitively easier to process than other types of advertising, like emails or social media.* When people are online, there’s often a lot to look at, like notifications from friends, other advertisements, and even photos and videos.

When looking at a direct mail piece, there are likely no other distractions directly in front of them. This gives the lead time to process what they’re reading and take a moment to flip through the direct mail piece if it’s a catalog.

Direct Mail’s Results Can Be Measured Easily

Measuring the rate of response for direct mail can be easy. Orders and service requests can be tracked through coupon codes you include with your direct mail piece.

If you have a QR code or personalized URL (PURL) on your direct mail piece, you can also track who accesses your website through those methods and follow their journey through your site.

This allows you to adjust your message, audience, and direct mail type for your next marketing campaign.

Learn More About Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns Today

If your dealership wants to use direct mail for its next marketing campaign, the experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive can help. We can help you craft the look, message, and audience for your direct mail campaign.

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