Understanding the Car Buyer’s Journey

Dealership MarketingEvery potential customer’s journey begins differently: Maybe they first noticed your dealership through a banner ad on their favorite website, or maybe they learned about your team from a friend.

No matter where your consumers begin on the buyer’s journey, you need to have a plan for how to move them along the path to a sale. By doing so, your dealership can generate more revenue in the long run and build your customer base year over year.

Before you start designing an automotive marketing campaign that aligns with the car buyer’s journey, it pays to learn more about each stage. Luckily, the marketing experts at Aspen Automotive are here with this convenient guide to understanding the car buyer’s journey. Let’s take a look!

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey: What Happens at Each Stage?

To kick off our investigation of the buyer’s journey and what it means for your customers, let’s first take a look at the three main phases: the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the actions that take place during the stages of the car buyer’s journey:

Awareness Stage:

Car Buying Interest For the most part, purchases begin when the customer first realizes that they have a problem or need.

Whether they’re guided by general curiosity or by the need to find a solution to a challenge, the majority of car buyers begin at the awareness stage. The awareness stage often starts before your leads even consider their solutions.

In addition, potential customers in the awareness stage usually begin to research the problem in an attempt to land on a logical solution. Some of these actions include:

  • Click on your dealership’s banner ad which offers more information about trading in an old car.
  • Browse the Internet for educational articles on whether to keep their current car or trade-in for a new car.
  • Visit your website after seeing a post from your dealership on Facebook.
  • Consult family and friends about what their best option may be.

Consideration Stage:

After researching the concerns that your customer has with their current car, they’ve determined that the purchase of a new vehicle is in order.

Now, the car-buying process officially begins. While your consumers are in the consideration stage, they’ll research their options, which usually include criteria like budget, car type, manufacturer preferences, and more. During this stage, most buyers take the following actions:

  • Car ResearchRead reviews on car models of interest
  • Narrow down a list of top vehicles
  • Search for local dealership that offers their favorite car
  • Request custom quote from a dealer

Decision Stage:

Finally! We’ve reached the final stage of the car-buyer’s journey: the decision stage. At this point, your customer is set on at least one aspect of the solution to their problem.

Regardless if they’ve chosen their go-to dealership or know which model they want, it’s likely that they’re ready to make a purchase. Due to their eagerness to finally get their hands on the solution they’ve been searching for, your car buyers will fulfill some of these actions:

  • Request more information through your dealership’s website
  • Visit your dealership in person
  • Take the vehicle for a test drive
  • Fill out pre-approval form

Automotive Direct Mail for Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Car PurchaseNow that you’re more familiar with the various stages of the car buyer’s journey and the actions that most consumers take at each phase, it’s time to see some examples of the ideal direct mailers for the awareness, consideration, and decision stages.

For buyers in the awareness stage, grand opening and anniversary mailers are perfect ways to help potential new clients learn more about your dealership’s mission.

On the other hand, customers further along the car buyer’s journey benefit most from service offer or model brochure to encourage them to re-engage with your team.

Finally, decision-stage buyers respond to loyalty program mailers or special promotions that get them to take that final step toward a purchase.

No matter which stage your leads occupy on the buyer’s journey, there’s a direct mailer to match it.

Learn How to Align Your Direct Mail Strategy with the Buyer’s Journey Today!

At Aspen Automotive, we believe that an automotive direct mail campaign that’s centered around the car buyer’s journey is the best way to turn those leads into sales. That’s why we’ve cultivated a marketing approach that meets your dealership’s customers on the path to purchase.

To find out more about how we can help you tailor your automotive advertising strategy to your buyers’ needs, give us a call or send us an email today!