How to Personalize Your Direct Mail Campaign Using Data

Direct mail campaigns are a great way to reach your audience. If you want to make the most of a direct mail marketing campaign, a little personalization with the help of data can go a long way. Personalization helps build the bond between the business and the customer because you directly address them and their needs.

The marketing experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive are here to dig into how data can help you add personalization to your direct marketing campaign. Let’s get started!

Use Data to Segment Your Mailing List

Holding MailChances are, you have a diverse and long mailing list of people whom you can reach out to via a direct mail campaign. However, not every direct mail marketing campaign will appeal to everyone on your list. Figuring out who in your audience will be most receptive to your campaign and may get the most out of it can help increase response rates and save you money because you’re not sending mailers to everyone.

Data can help you segment your mailing list based on the goals of your marketing campaign. Epsilon Individual Automotive has several databases that can help you organize your mailing list by:

  • Demographics
  • What type of vehicle someone drives
  • How close they are to the end of their lease or loan

For example, if you’re selling luxury SUVs, you may want to narrow your audience to those with kids in a specific income bracket who already drive luxury SUVs and may be close to the end of their lease or loan. Now that you know who they are, you can even add their name to your mailer!

Add a Personalized URL

typing on keyboardYou can use the collected data and craft your direct mailing list to enhance your direct mailer further. In addition to a customer’s name, you can also prepare a personalized URL (PURL) that includes their name and leads them to a webpage that specifically addresses their needs. This page can highlight services that may benefit the customer, such as an oil change, tire rotation, or specific vehicles that the data tells you they might be interested in.

Data and tracking tools allow you to determine if your customer has visited this page, which helps you track the success of your campaign.

Create Personalized Offers or Promotions

Your data tells you what your customers may want or need. You can craft personalized promotions or offers that meet those needs as part of your direct mail campaign. These codes can include the name of the customer or the service you’re highlighting.

The creation of specific offer codes also allows you to track whether or not that code gets used, either in person or online. If it does, you can add that to the data you gather about the response rate for your campaign.

Start Personalizing Your Next Automotive Direct Mail Campaign Today

Personalizing your next automotive direct mail campaign can help you receive a higher response rate and greater return on investment. The experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive can help you craft your campaign, from design to the use of data, to add a touch of personalization to every piece.

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