The Basics of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has been around for a long time. It encompasses many of the classic marketing techniques that come to mind when people think about marketing.

The marketing experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive are excited to affirm that traditional marketing remains effective in our digital age. On this page, we’ll cover some of the basics of traditional marketing to help you determine if a traditional marketing method is right for your next campaign.

What Is Traditional Marketing?

You may be wondering what exactly traditional marketing entails. It refers to marketing methods that don’t rely on the Internet. Many of these methods are decades old yet continue to provide a high return on investment.

Types of Traditional Marketing

Credit ScoreSeveral marketing methods fall under the umbrella of traditional marketing, including:

  • TV and Radio Advertising
  • Billboards
  • Direct Mail
  • Newspaper and Magazine Ads

TV and radio advertising have been a staple for generations, encompassing the ads between shows or sponsored products highlighted during home shopping segments.

Billboards are a fixture on highways and cityscapes, catching your eye as you pass by with advertisements for nearby businesses or products, which might later spark your memory.

Direct mail delivers advertising straight to your doorstep. This can include postcards, flyers, or oversized envelopes that feature current promotions from a business like your dealership, with the potential for personalization.

Print ads in newspapers and magazines provide a dual service: they support the publication’s finances while informing you about various products and services.

Tips for Traditional Marketing

If you’re considering a traditional marketing campaign, these tips can improve your response rates:

Have a Clear Message and Call to Action

Women calling customerYour marketing campaign should have a clear goal. Are you aiming to increase sedan sales or grow your service center’s customer base? Concentrate on one primary aim.

Your call to action must guide the customer on what to do next, whether it’s visiting your website or scheduling a service appointment. It should be straightforward and actionable.

Track How Your Marketing Campaign Performs

Monitoring your campaign’s performance can inform future strategies. Evaluate its effectiveness through response rates, such as the number of coupon redemptions or the clickthrough rates from a provided URL.

Personalize Your Campaign

Traditional marketing methods like direct mail enable you to personalize your approach. Tailor your message by segmenting your audience based on their needs and by using their names in your communications.

What’s the Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing?

If traditional marketing covers offline marketing methods, what covers online marketing methods? Many online marketing methods, like banner ads or emails, are considered digital marketing. This type of marketing reaches customers while they’re surfing the web.

The main difference between the two is where the marketing happens. Digital marketing happens online, while traditional marketing happens offline.

Explore Your Traditional Marketing Options

If you’re looking to develop a direct mail campaign for your dealership, contact the experts at Epsilon Individual Automotive to get started. We can assist with everything from design to personalization. Find out how we can elevate your next automotive marketing campaign today.