Choosing the Right Direct Mail Format for Your Automotive Campaign

Capturing the attention of key customers is a priority for any dealership. How do you bridge the gap between simply grabbing your customers’ interests and getting them to engage with your promotion?

Well, choosing the right direct mail format for your automotive campaign is a key component of any successful advertising strategy.

To find out which direct mail format is best for your dealership’s offers, check out this handy guide created by the automotive marketing experts at Aspen Auto Marketing. Once we’ve helped you design the right strategy that’s tailored to your business, you’ll turn your direct mail into profitable sales.

The Right Direct Mail Format: Determining Your Objective

 Choosing the Right Direct Mail Format for Your Automotive Campaign

Depending on the particular actions you’re encouraging your targeted audience to take, the type of direct mail format that’s right for your automotive campaign will vary. So, the first thing you want to do before you make a final decision is to identify the following criteria:

  • Your Marketing Goal
  • What You’re Selling
  • Your Result Measuring Needs
  • Your Targeted Audience

Once you’ve analyzed those details, you’ll have a better idea of the direct mail marketing options that will lead to more conversions and a solid return on investment.

Direct Mail for Automotive Campaigns: The Formats

Now that you know how to kick off your direct mail marketing campaign, it’s time to dig deeper into the formats that are right for the promotion you’re offering. Let’s take a look:

  Interactive Programs

These days, incorporating some form of technology into your direct mail campaign is always beneficial. Not only does it position your business as an innovator, but it also allows for increased customer personalization.

So, if you’re looking to improve your audience’s engagement with their service appointments, consider an interactive direct mail format that provides a link to a personal URL (PURL). By learning more about your programs, it’s likely that your targeted demographic will choose your dealership when it’s time for their next repair.

 Choosing the Right Direct Mail Format for Your Automotive CampaignOversized Envelopes

When it comes to eye-catching direct mailers, bigger is sometimes better. For the most part, when your customer receives a large envelope in their mail, it sparks curiosity as to what might be inside.

Plus, oversized mailers stand out from the rest of the mail they receive, which decreases the likelihood of it getting lost in the mix.

By grabbing your audience’s immediate attention with a large piece of mail, you’ll improve the chances of them reading your message and engaging with your promotion.


Looking to increase engagement with a new model or redesigned vehicle arrive at your showroom?

If so, catalogs are a great way to provide your targeted customers with lots of information that’ll tempt them to visit your dealership. In addition, the images and bright colors in direct mail catalogs are proven to result in higher customer engagement.


As one of the simplest, yet most rewarding, direct mail formats, postcards present the information you’re trying to convey to your customer while they’re sorting through their mail. Instead of needing to open an envelope, they’ll see the promotion or coupon code immediately.

That way, they’ll know that they can partake in an exclusive service or vehicle financing discount with the code provided on your postcard. All they have to do is enter the code online or bring the postcard in when it’s time for their appointment. It’s a win-win.

Find Out More About Your Direct Mail Format Options!

At Aspen Auto Marketing, we believe that every dealership should be equipped with a customized direct mail marketing strategy that’ll help your company reach its revenue goals.

So, if you’re wondering which of our direct mail formats is right for your upcoming promotion, we’re here to give you the advice and options you need. To get started, simply give us a call or send us an email today!