The Most Effective Automotive Direct Mail Pieces

Automotive Direct Mail PiecesImagine it: your ideal customer is checking their mailbox after work when they notice an eye-catching, curiosity-piquing postcard from your dealership encouraging them to stop by for a visit.

Instead of seeing a typical advertisement, you’ve snagged your audience’s attention with a mailer that’s personalized to fit their personality and lifestyle. Well, this scenario is precisely what your dealership can achieve with a well-executed direct mail campaign.

To help you learn more about the most effective direct mail pieces, the marketing gurus at Aspen Automotive have rounded up a few of the direct mail services that have the time-tested success required to boost your bottom line and help your dealership thrive. Let’s check them out!

Large Envelopes

Direct Mail PiecesWhile you’re sorting through the day’s mail, you tend to skim over the materials that look exactly the same as every other piece of mail. So, to sidestep that hurtle and capture the attention of your audience right off the bat, consider enclosing your direct mailer inside a large envelope.

By using larger mailing materials for your direct mailers, your customers will automatically want to know more about what’s inside. That way, they’re more likely to view your advertisement and take action by stopping by your dealership or scheduling service.

3D Designs

There’s something special about receiving a box or package in the mail. That’s why one of the most effective direct mail pieces to send to your customers is a 3-dimensional mailer. Not only does this stimulate the interest of your targeted audience, but it’ll also set your dealership apart from others.

In addition, 3D direct mailers provide your business with a platform on which to promote your brand with things like bumper stickers, keychains, and other items.

Pop Card Promotions

 Most Effective Direct Mail Pieces If you want to make sure that your promotion or message gets right in front of the eyes of your audience, pop card promotions are an effective direct mail option. Rather than displaying information in a traditional fashion, these small direct mailers add bold images and unique dimensions to your advertisement.

Plus, these versatile direct mailers act as a perfect foundation for a multitude of different messages—whether you’re reminding your customers about scheduling service, advertising a new model, or promoting a financing special.

Personal URL Programs

Sometimes, a little bit of personality is all your direct mail strategy needs to achieve the results you want. Luckily, personal URL direct mailers are a perfect way to engage your targeted audience by including their name in a web address.

Once your potential customer sees their information in a URL on a piece of direct mail, you’ll increase the chances of them visiting the dedicated landing page.

From there, they’ll be offered more information about your services, thereby improving the odds that they’ll explore your site to see what your dealership has too offer.

Loyalty Programs

loyalty programYour customers deserve a reward for their continued loyalty to your dealership. One of the most effective direct mail pieces just so happens to utilize this very concept.

With loyalty program direct mailers, you’ll keep your clients in the know about specials offers that they qualify for and tell potential leads about the benefits of being a regular customer, all without requiring them to visit your dealership.

Ultimately, this direct mail technique helps your business retain current customers and drive more traffic to your showroom.

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At Aspen Automotive, we believe that every automotive business should be provided with a sturdy advertising foundation that’s designed to draw attention to your dealership.

Well, with the assistance of our marketing experts, you’ll choose the most effective direct mail pieces and help your company reach its revenue goals.

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